AirSwap (AST)
$0.0208 (2.71%)
≈0.00000289 BTC (1.53%)
Market Cap≈$3,124,499
Vol. 24H$707,963
Low/High 24H$0.02/$0.0213
Circulating Supply150,000,000 AST
Total Supply500,000,000 AST
 Bitcoin Charts
 Bitcoin (BTC) Markets
1 BilaxyBilaxy
2 BinanceBinance
3 BinanceBinance
4 BitfinexBitfinex
5 BitfinexBitfinex
1 BilaxyBilaxy AST /ETH$0.0209$607,068 85.75%2 Mins Ago
2 BinanceBinance AST /BTC$0.0205$88,749 12.54%9 Mins Ago
3 BinanceBinance AST /ETH$0.0206$12,124 1.71%10 Mins Ago
4 BitfinexBitfinex AST /ETH$0.0201$14 0.00%10 Mins Ago
5 BitfinexBitfinex AST /USD$0.017$7 0.00%1 Mins Ago
* Price Excluded
** Volume Excluded - No Trading Fees
*** Price/Volume Excluded - Outlier Detected
 Analysis for AirSwap (AST)
AST Volume by Currency
AST - USD Volume by Exchange

What is Airswap (AST)?

AirSwap is a decentralized exchange platform that implements the Swap protocol, a peer-to-peer protocol for trading Ethereum-based (ERC20) tokens. The AirSwap Token (AST) will be a fundamental part of the AirSwap Platform.

The overarching goal of AirSwap is to reduce friction and increase efficiency in the token trading process through the services provided by the AirSwap Index and Oracle. The AirSwap Index enables traders to discover each other by either announcing “intent to trade” or by searching for others who have already made themselves discoverable. The AirSwap Oracle provides pricing data and makes it easier to price and check the prices of trades.

Going forward, we aim to develop the Index into a premiere asset listing service for peer-to-peer traders, and to enable third-party Oracles to provide data services to the trading environment.

For more information on Indexers and Oracles, please see the Swap whitepaper.


AST is intended to provide two utilities. First, holding AST will give traders the ability to add their “intent to trade” to the Index. This effectively signals to peers their intent to buy or sell specific Ethereum-based tokens. Second, AST gives traders voting power to manage the roles of Oracles within the platform.

Useful Links:

Official Website: https://www.airswap.io/

White Paper: https://swap.tech/whitepaper/

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