Ardor (ARDR)
$0.0619 (-4.38%)
≈0.00000617 BTC (-3.18%)
Market Cap≈$61,841,035
Vol. 24H$507,525
Low/High 24H$0.0612/$0.0648
Circulating Supply998,999,495 ARDR
Total Supply998,999,495 ARDR
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 Bitcoin (BTC) Markets
1 BinanceBinance
2 UpbitUpbit
4 BilaxyBilaxy
5 UpbitUpbit
6 BittrexBittrex
7 BinanceBinance
8 BinanceBinance
9 PoloniexPoloniex
10 BilaxyBilaxy
1 BinanceBinance ARDR /BTC$0.0615$203,337 51.31%Recently
2 UpbitUpbit ARDR /KRW$0.0632$108,105 17.05%14 Mins Ago
3 HitBTCHitBTC ARDR/BTC $0.0617$107,716 17.02%Recently
4 BilaxyBilaxy ARDR /BTC$0.0622$24,256 3.82%9 Mins Ago
5 UpbitUpbit ARDR /BTC$0.0615$21,646 3.52%4 Hours Ago
6 BittrexBittrex ARDR/BTC $0.0613$21,578 3.51%Recently
7 BinanceBinance ARDR /ETH$0.0619$13,719 2.62%Recently
8 BinanceBinance ARDR /BNB$0.0623$3,062 0.48%1 Hours Ago
9 PoloniexPoloniex ARDR/BTC $0.0617$2,240 0.36%Recently
10 BilaxyBilaxy ARDR /ETH$0.061$1,865 0.29%9 Mins Ago
11 HitBTCHitBTC ARDR /USDT$0.0619$0 0.00%53 Mins Ago
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  • Name Ardor/ARDR
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Ardor is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) Platform that will allow users to create their own child chains with specific settings for asset issuance. Ardor is the evolution of the NXT blockchain and offers many advantages over its predecessor, both in functionality and in scalability.

ARDR, the Main Chain tokens are the backbone of the platform, they will be used maintain the blockchain and forge tokens from tx fees, which is the equivalent of Mining in the NXT Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol.

The distribution process for Ardor started on the 14th of July and lasted until 12th of October. During this time hourly snapshots of NXT Balances were taken and averaged, the balance was then given to holders on a 1 to 1 scale. ARDR issued as an asset on the NXT 1.9 Blockchain until the full release of the Ardor Platform in Q3 of 2017.

A second set of tokens will be given to users according to their NXT holding on the day the first block of Ardor is mined, meaning that the balance won’t be measured and averaged over a period of time, but will instead be given on a 0.5 – 1 scale according to the one snapshot taken at the moment of the Genesis Block. These tokens will house the features of the first Ardor child chain.

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