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Circulating Supply57,014,145 CROAT
Total Supply100,467,441 CROAT
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  • Start Date 2018-08-06
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CROAT is a digital cryptocurrency that operates on a community-based standard of value using peer-to-peer (P2P) networking as the means of conducting transactions. Rather than having a central authority determine the value of the currency, its worth is determined by the number of products and services people are willing to buy or sell using CROAT. CROATs have a global value, so they can be used in any country, at any time. CROAT is also open-source; its architecture is public, nobody owns or controls CROAT and anybody can take part.

Croat was one of the most used and longest lived of the Catalan coins. Croat is an important part of the historical Identity of the Catalan people. Croat as an altcoin brings the Catalan coin from the past into the future. A tool within everyone’s reach, justified not only by economical needs, but also by historical, cultural and personal ones.

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