$3.98 (1.98%)
≈0.000397 BTC (3.57%)
Market Cap≈$3,984,824,015
Vol. 24H$971,306,136
Low/High 24H$3.91/$4.07
Circulating Supply1,000,000,000 EOS
Total Supply1,043,963,308 EOS
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 Bitcoin (BTC) Markets
1 FCoinFCoin
2 CoinbeneCoinbene
3 CoinTigerCoinTiger
6 ExxExx
7 DragonExDragonEx
8 BinanceBinance
10 CoinbeneCoinbene
12 BigOneBigOne
13 HB.topHB.top
14 HB.topHB.top
15 KKCoinKKCoin
16 HB.topHB.top
18 CoinTigerCoinTiger
19 BitforexBitforex
20 Bit-ZBit-Z
21 ExxExx
24 BigOneBigOne
26 BitforexBitforex
27 BinanceBinance
28 BitforexBitforex
29 KKCoinKKCoin
32 BigOneBigOne
34 KKCoinKKCoin
36 CoinTigerCoinTiger
37 BitMartBitMart
38 UpbitUpbit
39 FCoinFCoin
41 Gate-ioGate-io
42 BitMartBitMart
43 BitMartBitMart
44 BitfinexBitfinex
46 BitgetBitget
47 WinMaxWinMax
50 BitfinexBitfinex
51 FCoinFCoin
52 KrakenKraken
53 BigOneBigOne
54 BinanceBinance
56 MercatoxMercatox
57 BinanceBinance
58 ExmoExmo
59 Bit-ZBit-Z
60 MercatoxMercatox
61 KrakenKraken
62 BigOneBigOne
63 ExmoExmo
64 PoloniexPoloniex
65 BitfinexBitfinex
66 BitfinexBitfinex
67 BinanceBinance
68 BinanceBinance
69 BtcdoBtcdo
70 KrakenKraken
71 UpbitUpbit
72 Gate-ioGate-io
74 LivecoinLivecoin
75 BitfinexBitfinex
77 BinanceBinance
78 PoloniexPoloniex
80 Gate-ioGate-io
81 ExmoExmo
82 ExmoExmo
85 BigOneBigOne
86 PoloniexPoloniex
88 BigOneBigOne
90 BitfinexBitfinex
91 BigOneBigOne
92 KrakenKraken
93 BigOneBigOne
95 BigOneBigOne
96 BX.in.thBX.in.th
98 PoloniexPoloniex
100 BitfinexBitfinex
102 KunaKuna
104 BigOneBigOne
105 LivecoinLivecoin
106 LivecoinLivecoin
107 KunaKuna
108 CoinFalconCoinFalcon
109 BigOneBigOne
110 BitfinexBitfinex
111 BigOneBigOne
112 AllcoinAllcoin
113 CoolCoinCoolCoin
114 BitMartBitMart
115 BitMEXBitMEX
1 FCoinFCoin EOS /USDT$3.98$366,642,619 35.79%Recently
2 CoinbeneCoinbene EOS /USDT$3.98$66,412,397 6.78%Recently
3 CoinTigerCoinTiger EOS /USDT$3.99$44,394,933 4.51%Recently
4 CEX.COMCEX.COM EOS /USDT$3.98$38,453,317 3.76%Recently
5 JEXJEX EOS /USDT$3.98$38,433,415 3.76%Recently
6 ExxExx EOS /USDT$3.98$35,946,103 3.53%Recently
7 DragonExDragonEx EOS /USDT$3.99$32,021,570 3.13%Recently
8 BinanceBinance EOS /USDT$3.98$22,680,668 2.22%Recently
9 HitBTCHitBTC EOS/USDT $3.98$22,451,970 2.19%Recently
10 CoinbeneCoinbene EOS /BTC$3.98$19,871,151 2.04%Recently
11 IDAXIDAX EOS /BTC$3.98$19,368,404 1.91%Recently
12 BigOneBigOne EOS /USDT$3.98$17,596,328 1.72%Recently
13 HB.topHB.top EOS /BTC$3.98$14,876,257 1.45%4 Mins Ago
14 HB.topHB.top EOS /ETH$3.97$14,816,818 1.45%4 Mins Ago
15 KKCoinKKCoin EOS /USDT$3.95$14,800,102 1.46%Recently
16 HB.topHB.top EOS /USDT$3.99$14,654,506 1.43%4 Mins Ago
17 FatBTCFatBTC EOS /FCNY$4.18$14,032,097 1.37%Recently
18 CoinTigerCoinTiger EOS /BTC$3.98$13,236,570 1.34%Recently
19 BitforexBitforex EOS /USDT$3.98$12,353,132 1.21%Recently
20 Bit-ZBit-Z EOS /BTC$3.99$11,870,292 1.15%Recently
21 ExxExx EOS/BTC $3.99$11,537,972 1.13%Recently
22 KEXKEX EOS /USDT$3.98$11,536,394 1.13%Recently
23 FatBTCFatBTC EOS /ETH$4.02$10,374,013 1.02%Recently
24 BigOneBigOne EOS /BTC$3.98$10,180,607 1.00%15 Mins Ago
25 HitBTCHitBTC EOS/BTC $4$9,874,927 0.96%Recently
26 BitforexBitforex EOS /BTC$3.98$9,487,981 0.93%Recently
27 BinanceBinance EOS /BTC$3.98$8,414,006 0.82%Recently
28 BitforexBitforex EOS /ETH$3.98$7,691,160 0.75%Recently
29 KKCoinKKCoin EOS /BTC$3.98$7,089,616 0.69%Recently
30 FatBTCFatBTC EOS /BTC$4.05$6,987,450 0.68%Recently
31 FatBTCFatBTC EOS /USDT$3.95$6,800,743 0.66%Recently
32 BigOneBigOne EOS /ETH$3.99$6,500,938 0.63%Recently
33 CEX.COMCEX.COM EOS /ETH$3.99$6,117,324 0.60%Recently
34 KKCoinKKCoin EOS /ETH$3.98$6,111,325 0.60%Recently
35 IDAXIDAX EOS /ETH$3.98$5,782,556 0.59%Recently
36 CoinTigerCoinTiger EOS /ETH$3.99$5,614,477 0.57%Recently
37 BitMartBitMart EOS/ETH $3.98$5,585,242 0.58%Recently
38 UpbitUpbit EOS /KRW$4.08$5,419,402 0.53%Recently
39 FCoinFCoin EOS /BTC$4$5,132,940 0.50%Recently
40 HitBTCHitBTC EOS/ETH $4$4,430,945 0.43%Recently
41 Gate-ioGate-io EOS /USDT$3.98$4,315,796 0.42%Recently
42 BitMartBitMart EOS/BTC $3.98$4,306,038 0.44%Recently
43 BitMartBitMart EOS /USDT$3.98$4,180,237 0.43%Recently
44 BitfinexBitfinex EOS /USD$4$3,457,832 0.34%Recently
45 CHAOEXCHAOEX EOS /USDT$3.98$2,689,355 0.26%Recently
46 BitgetBitget EOS /USDT$3.98$2,477,710 0.25%Recently
47 WinMaxWinMax EOS /USDT$3.98$1,000,931 0.10%Recently
48 CHAOEXCHAOEX EOS /BTC$3.98$702,353 0.07%Recently
49 FatBTCFatBTC EOS /USDC$4.01$701,502 0.07%Recently
50 BitfinexBitfinex EOS /BTC$4$579,738 0.06%Recently
51 FCoinFCoin EOS /ETH$4$572,907 0.06%Recently
52 KrakenKraken EOS /EUR$4.06$548,104 0.05%Recently
53 BigOneBigOne XIN /EOS$3.99$518,327 0.05%Recently
54 BinanceBinance EOS /ETH$3.98$511,705 0.05%2 Mins Ago
55 CHAOEXCHAOEX EOS /ETH$3.98$511,210 0.05%Recently
56 MercatoxMercatox EOS/BTC $4.01$278,571 0.03%5 Mins Ago
57 BinanceBinance EOS /BNB$3.98$259,429 0.02%Recently
58 ExmoExmo EOS /BTC$4.06$241,700 0.02%Recently
59 Bit-ZBit-Z EOS /USDT$4$241,289 0.02%38 Mins Ago
60 MercatoxMercatox EOS/ETH $4$236,507 0.02%5 Mins Ago
61 KrakenKraken EOS /USD$3.98$230,870 0.02%3 Mins Ago
62 BigOneBigOne ONE /EOS$3.99$226,231 0.02%Recently
63 ExmoExmo EOS /USD$4.05$218,171 0.02%Recently
64 PoloniexPoloniex EOS /BTC$3.98$151,507 0.01%12 Mins Ago
65 BitfinexBitfinex EOS /ETH$3.99$136,738 0.01%Recently
66 BitfinexBitfinex EOS /EUR$4.08$133,821 0.01%Recently
67 BinanceBinance EOS /USDC$3.99$119,935 0.01%15 Mins Ago
68 BinanceBinance EOS /PAX$3.99$104,208 0.01%2 Hours Ago
69 BtcdoBtcdo EOS /ETH$3.98$97,414 0.01%Recently
70 KrakenKraken EOS/BTC $4$84,867 0.01%Recently
71 UpbitUpbit EOS /BTC$3.99$77,714 0.01%18 Mins Ago
72 Gate-ioGate-io EOS/BTC $3.99$76,407 0.01%45 Mins Ago
73 FEXFEX EOS /BTC$3.98$39,017 0.00%Recently
74 LivecoinLivecoin EOS/BTC $4.07$34,399 0.00%2 Mins Ago
75 BitfinexBitfinex EOS /JPY$3.87$32,551 0.00%Recently
76 FEXFEX EOS /USDT$3.98$30,505 0.00%Recently
77 BinanceBinance EOS /TUSD$3.98$26,203 0.00%31 Mins Ago
78 PoloniexPoloniex EOS /USDT$3.96$24,468 0.00%12 Mins Ago
79 ACXACX EOS /AUD$4.16$23,353 0.00%Recently
80 Gate-ioGate-io EOS/ETH $3.98$21,106 0.00%2 Mins Ago
81 ExmoExmo PTI /EOS$3.92$15,750 0.00%Recently
82 ExmoExmo EOS /EUR$4.08$15,468 0.00%Recently
83 DEWDEW EOSI /DEW$0.3841$13,750 0.00%2 Mins Ago
84 OTCBTCOTCBTC EOS/ETH $3.93$12,014 0.00%3 Mins Ago
85 BigOneBigOne PEOS /EOS?$9,030 0.00%Recently
86 PoloniexPoloniex EOS /ETH$3.96$7,642 0.00%42 Mins Ago
87 FatBTCFatBTC EOS /DAI$4.01$6,983 0.00%Recently
88 BigOneBigOne DILI /EOS$3.99$6,196 0.00%Recently
89 DSXDSX EOS /EUR$3.99$5,896 0.00%22 Hours Ago
90 BitfinexBitfinex EOS /GBP$4.19$5,867 0.00%Recently
91 BigOneBigOne DRAGON /EOS?$3,847 0.00%1 Mins Ago
92 KrakenKraken EOS/ETH $4$3,528 0.00%14 Mins Ago
93 BigOneBigOne MTI /EOS$3.96$2,460 0.00%1 Mins Ago
94 OTCBTCOTCBTC EOS/BTC $3.92$1,989 0.00%10 Hours Ago
95 BigOneBigOne PTI /EOS?$1,545 0.00%1 Mins Ago
96 BX.in.thBX.in.th EOS /THB$3.63$1,399 0.00%1 Hours Ago
97 GDEXGDEX EOS /CNY$3.99$1,228 0.00%7 Hours Ago
98 PoloniexPoloniex EOS /USDC$3.99$1,039 0.00%2 Mins Ago
99 DSXDSX EOS /BTC$4.02$1,023 0.00%11 Hours Ago
100 BitfinexBitfinex LEO /EOS$4.02$397 0.00%Recently
101 DSXDSX EOS /USD$3.63$330 0.00%4 Hours Ago
102 KunaKuna EOS/UAH $3.79$314 0.00%28 Mins Ago
103 OTCBTCOTCBTC EOS /USDT$3.72$212 0.00%4 Hours Ago
104 BigOneBigOne IQ /EOS?$89 0.00%2 Days Ago
105 LivecoinLivecoin EOS/ETH $3.89$82 0.00%1 Hours Ago
106 LivecoinLivecoin EOS/USD $4.1$67 0.00%2 Hours Ago
107 KunaKuna EOS/BTC $3.89$19 0.00%6 Hours Ago
108 CoinFalconCoinFalcon EOS /USDT$3.04$15 0.00%7 Hours Ago
109 BigOneBigOne HORUS /EOS?$4 0.00%13 Hours Ago
110 BitfinexBitfinex IQX /EOS$4.31$4 0.00%1 Mins Ago
111 BigOneBigOne KARMA /EOS?$2 0.00%13 Hours Ago
112 AllcoinAllcoin EOS /USDT$3.98$0 0.00%12 Hours Ago
113 CoolCoinCoolCoin EOS /BTC?$? 0.00%2 Days Ago
114 BitMartBitMart EOS /BMX?$? 0.00%23 Hours Ago
115 BitMEXBitMEX EOS /BTC$3.99$3,771 **0.00%1 Mins Ago
* Price Excluded
** Volume Excluded - No Trading Fees
*** Price/Volume Excluded - Outlier Detected
 Analysis for EOS (EOS)
EOS Volume by Currency
EOS - USD Volume by Exchange

What is EOS?

EOS tokens are ERC-20 compatible tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to a related ERC-20 smart contract (the “EOS Tokens”). EOS featured in powerful infrastructure for decentralized application and token distribution takes place over 341 days.

Receiver Pays:

Traditionally, it is the business that pays for office space, computational power, and other costs required to run the business. The customer buys specific products from the business and the revenue from those product sales is used to cover the business costs of operation. Similarly, no website obligates its visitors to make micropayments for visiting its website to cover hosting costs. Therefore, decentralized applications should not force its customers to pay the blockchain directly for the use of the blockchain.

A launched blockchain that uses the EOS.IO software does not require its users to pay the blockchain directly for its use and therefore does not constrain or prevent a business from determining its own monetization strategy for its products.

Delegating Capacity:

A holder of tokens on a blockchain launched adopting the EOS.IO software who may not have an immediate need to consume all or part of the available bandwidth, can give or rent such unconsumed bandwidth to others; the block producers running EOS.IO software on such blockchain will recognize this delegation of capacity and allocate bandwidth accordingly.

Separating Transaction costs from Token Value:

One of the major benefits of the EOS.IO software is that the amount of bandwidth available to an application is entirely independent of any token price. If an application owner holds a relevant number of tokens on a blockchain adopting EOS.IO software, then the application can run indefinitely within a fixed state and bandwidth usage. In such case, developers and users are unaffected from any price volatility in the token market and therefore not reliant on a price feed. In other words, a blockchain that adopts the EOS.IO software enables block producers to naturally increase bandwidth, computation, and storage available per token independent of the token's value.

A blockchain using EOS.IO software also awards block producers tokens every time they produce a block. The value of the tokens will impact the amount of bandwidth, storage, and computation a producer can afford to purchase; this model naturally leverages rising token values to increase network performance.

State Storage Costs:

While bandwidth and computation can be delegated, storage of application state will require an application developer to hold tokens until that state is deleted. If state is never deleted then the tokens are effectively removed from circulation.

Every user account requires a certain amount of storage; therefore, every account must maintain a minimum balance. As storage capacity of the network increases this minimum required balance will fall.

Block Rewards:

A blockchain that adopts the EOS.IO software will award new tokens to a block producer every time a block is produced. In these circumstances, the number of tokens created is determined by the median of the desired pay published by all block producers. The EOS.IO software may be configured to enforce a cap on producer awards such that the total annual increase in token supply does not exceed 5%.

Community Benefit Applications:

In addition to electing block producers, pursuant to a blockchain based on the EOS.IO software, users can elect 3 community benefit applications also known as smart contracts. These 3 applications will receive tokens of up to a configured percent of the token supply per annum minus the tokens that have been paid to block producers. These smart contracts will receive tokens proportional to the votes each application has received from token holders. The elected applications or smart contracts can be replaced by newly elected applications or smart contracts by token holders.

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