$0.0842 (0.23%)
≈0.00000853 BTC (2.03%)
Market Cap≈$29,480,386
Vol. 24H$75,986
Low/High 24H$0.0837/$0.0852
Circulating Supply350,000,000 QASH
Total Supply1,000,000,000 QASH
 Bitcoin Charts
 Bitcoin (BTC) Markets
1 QryptosQryptos
2 QryptosQryptos
3 QryptosQryptos
4 QryptosQryptos
7 QryptosQryptos
8 LivecoinLivecoin
9 QryptosQryptos
10 QryptosQryptos
11 BitfinexBitfinex
12 QryptosQryptos
13 QryptosQryptos
14 Gate-ioGate-io
15 Gate-ioGate-io
16 QryptosQryptos
17 QryptosQryptos
18 BitfinexBitfinex
19 BitfinexBitfinex
20 QryptosQryptos
21 QryptosQryptos
22 Gate-ioGate-io
23 QryptosQryptos
24 QryptosQryptos
25 QryptosQryptos
1 QryptosQryptos CRPT /QASH$0.0787$51,194 62.44%9 Mins Ago
2 QryptosQryptos QASH /JPY$0.083$11,779 14.37%2 Mins Ago
3 QryptosQryptos QASH /USD$0.085$5,596 6.82%14 Mins Ago
4 QryptosQryptos QASH /BTC$0.0851$5,429 6.62%14 Mins Ago
5 CEX.COMCEX.COM QASH /BTC$0.0846$4,340 5.30%Recently
6 CEX.COMCEX.COM QASH /ETH$0.0839$1,658 2.03%Recently
7 QryptosQryptos QASH /ETH$0.0845$709 0.87%18 Mins Ago
8 LivecoinLivecoin QASH /BTC$0.0902$634 0.77%5 Mins Ago
9 QryptosQryptos ETN /QASH$0.0827$220 0.27%14 Mins Ago
10 QryptosQryptos QASH /EUR$0.0865$147 0.18%15 Mins Ago
11 BitfinexBitfinex QSH /BTC$0.0738$78 0.09%Recently
12 QryptosQryptos XRP /QASH$0.0804$58 0.07%9 Hours Ago
13 QryptosQryptos ONT /QASH$0.1038$38 0.05%5 Hours Ago
14 Gate-ioGate-io QASH /USDT$0.084$34 0.04%5 Hours Ago
15 Gate-ioGate-io QASH /ETH$0.0838$17 0.02%9 Hours Ago
16 QryptosQryptos QASH /SGD$0.0876$15 0.02%4 Hours Ago
17 QryptosQryptos DREAM /QASH?$11 0.01%14 Hours Ago
18 BitfinexBitfinex QSH /USD$0.0811$11 0.01%2 Mins Ago
19 BitfinexBitfinex QSH /ETH$0.083$9 0.01%Recently
20 QryptosQryptos GET /QASH?$5 0.01%13 Hours Ago
21 QryptosQryptos ZCO /QASH$0.1035$2 0.00%7 Hours Ago
22 Gate-ioGate-io QASH /BTC?$? 0.00%6 Hours Ago
23 QryptosQryptos QASH /AUD?$? 0.00%5 Hours Ago
24 QryptosQryptos DRG /QASH?$? 0.00%10 Hours Ago
25 QryptosQryptos RFOX /QASH?$? 0.00%2 Days Ago
* Price Excluded
** Volume Excluded - No Trading Fees
*** Price/Volume Excluded - Outlier Detected
 Analysis for QASH (QASH)
QASH Volume by Currency
QASH - USD Volume by Exchange

What is QASH?


QUOINE, through QUOINE LIQUID TOKEN (QASH), is building a financial utility—a platform that the entire Crypto economy will benefit from and where people can participate in as both users and token holders.

QASH is issued by QUOINE Pte. Ltd and is distributed by itself and designated distributors. QASH is a Crypto Token that can be used as the fuel that powers all services provided by the LIQUID Platform and QUOINE’s existing platforms (QUOINEX and QRYPTOS).

QASH has two main functions:

1. as Crypto Token users can pay for services on all of our platforms;

2. as a tradable Crypto Token on the open market.

As the demand for the LIQUID Platform grows, the utility of QASH will increase and will allow QASH holders to use its value to “pay for” all services and functions QUOINE and its partners will provide.

We envision QASH could even become the preferred standard Token used to pay for all services provided by the broader financial industry, as participants gradually migrate to decentralized platforms.

As more financial institutions, fintech startups and partners adopt QASH as a method of payment, the utility of QASH will scale, fueling the Fintech revolution.

Useful Links:

Official Website: https://liquid.plus/

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