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Red Pulse is a market intelligence platform covering China’s economy and capital markets. By creating a global community around a common interest, incentivizing participants to produce truly relevant research, and providing technology-enabled analysis tools, Red Pulse seeks to solve the problem that all of us face today: Information Overload.


RPX Mechanism:

1.RPX Supply: RPX will have a supply with nominal value USD 15,000,000. This represents 40% of the total RPX created.


2.Inflation: The supply of RPX will increase over time at a rate of 10% per year. Half of this is provided proportionally to current holders of RPX on the Red Pulse platform as an anti-inflationary measure, while the other half is used to provide payment to content producers on the platform. RPX held “off the platform” in wallets, exchanges, and other locations, will not receive the anti-inflationary measure to help offset the effects of the annual inflation. The inflation rate will be gradually adjusted downwards, if there is deemed to be enough additional RPX circulation to provide reasonable rewards for new research content.


3.RPX Used as Payments: Payment for content production: Content producers will be compensated on a per-article basis in RPX. The specific amount of RPX will be determined by credibility score, prompt rewards, and article popularity (description of calculation methods in Challenges section).Payment for translation and other tasks: Platform participants may also act as content translators, from either English to Chinese or Chinese to English, in the cases where the original author has only posted their content in one language. Translations will also be rated and ranked if there is more than one version, with RPX distributed to the top ranked translation. Other platform tasks may be defined in the future, for which there will also be RPX compensation.


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