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The long-term development of digital currency largely relies on the support of a wide range of application circumstances. Despite the fact that there exist many blockchain projects, few of them can be implemented and applied on large scale. And that is specifically true for user-targeted services. Yee is expected to be the first large project to be put into effect, influencing several hundred million user groups, because Yee is a cloud communication network and decentralized social ecosystem based on blockchain.

The project will be composed of four parts as follows:

1.YeeChain: a blockchain supporting fast transaction and high-efficiency storage;

2.YeeNet: a cloud communication network based on YeeChain;

3.Launching of typical applications: YeeCall, YeeWallet, DApp and content management platform YeeStore;

4.Yee ecosystem construction and examples of application circumstances;

Project Highlights

1.Yee is a competitive team possessing a number of cooperation partners. Our chief partner YeeCall is an international Internet company with its headquarter located in Singapore. Meanwhile, it is the global strategic cooperation partner of Facebook and Google. And we also have built cooperation partnership with more 10 companies, each of which has more than one hundred million global users.

2.YeeCall has established a communication network covering 227 countries and more than 1000 operators. It has 5 data centers and more than 400 relay nodes, which makes it possible for efficient transmission of 70% data traffic through P2P mode. Now it is in the process of update to a loT compatible network.

3.YeeCall has built up a social network mainly between acquaintance with more than 30 million registered users located in Southeast Asia, Europe and America, India and Middle East area.

4.Our team has more than 10-year technological accumulation in communication area and more than 3-year technological reserve in artificial intelligence and blockchain areas. What’s more, they have had operated 3 products in possession of hundreds of million users all around the world.

20% Presell

15% Founding team

30% Ecosystem Incentive

25% foundation

10% Partners

Total Amount:10 Billion YEE

Private Sale Price:1 ETH=80000YEE

Official website:


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